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Years Of Experience

Global Fire Equipment (GFE) is a European-based manufacturer of high-quality, competitively-priced fire safety systems. Our aim is to deliver innovatively designed and fully certified fire safety systems, while at the same time offering a world-class customer service experience.

CREATECH Lighting is a leading manufacturer of emergency lighting solutions and has built a reputation for innovation and leadership. Backed by the GSS Group, CREATECH Lighting designs and manufactures cost- competitive products and solutions to protect lives and property around the world. Customers benefit from our unrivalled expertise in emergency lighting, as well as our first-class customer service.

As the fully owned R&D division of the GSS Group, GFE TEC is focused on developing cutting-edge fire detection and emergency lighting solutions to meet the needs of the group’s global customer base. GFE TEC also helps to resolve customers’ problems by developing technical solutions to any unique challenges they may face in their projects.