We are delighted to introduce a new module, the ZONE-MIMIC. Assembled in a Dual Gang (DG) Box, the ZONE-MIMIC is designed to be used with our Chameleon addressable control panels.


The GFE team has developed a module for ‘Mimic Boards LEDs’, to signal fire conditions or system status for each individual zone (Plexi board as shown not included, illustrative only). It also features a ‘lamp test’ input, a buzzer driver output, and a ‘local’ buzzer silence input. These are just some of the many features that the ZONE-MIMIC module offers.


This module operates in two different modes:


  • Panel Status:
    • Each LED driver is assigned to a specific control panel status indication: Fire, Fault, Pre-Alarm, Test, Disabled, System ON, Buzzer or Sounders ON.
  • Zone Status:
    • Each LED driver is assigned to a zone in Fire, this can range from 1 to 384 (addressed by 8 Zone Blocks).


For more information, contact our sales team at [email protected]